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Our commitment to sustainability

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The pillars of our commitment to sustainability

At Resa, we have a deep commitment to the environment and the communities around us. We are determined to take specific steps to reduce our ecological footprint and make a positive impact on our local environment and we are constantly looking for new ways to manage our activity.


From smart resource management to promoting equality, we are not just reducing our environmental footprint. We are passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the communities in which we operate and inspiring those around us.


Meet Resa’s commitment below.



  • Dedicate human and capital resources to create and implement environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Assess and implement measures, capital improvements and new technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of communities.
  • Measure and report on energy consumption, emissions, water, control of residual waste and, in doing so, continuously and consistently improve performance in all communities.
  • Evaluating the energy efficiency of all communities using energy rating schemes such as Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). Pursing certification for eligible communities annually.
  • Taking a managed approach to the procurement of energy in deregulated energy markets.


  • Educate stakeholders on the financial and environmental impacts associated with sustainability practices.
  • Train team members on environmental, social and governance issues through the use of tools and resources, including Resa’s sustainability policies and performance standards.
  • Encouraging sustainable practices by the residents though the deployment of resident engagement tools.
  • Engaging with the local community on sustainability-related issues.


  • Integration of sustainability risks into the investment process through an ESG due diligence questionnaire.
  • Monitoring and accountability through a multidisciplinary working group dedicated to sustainability.
  • Disclosure of ESG strategy and performance in sustainability reporting frameworks such as GRESB.
  • Ensuring our employees adhere to our governance policies such as Anti-Corruption Manual and Code of Conduct.

Resa Green

We work together with our residents

Our Resa Green initiatives:


From awareness-raising and community participation initiatives to concrete environmental protection projects, we invite you to discover our Resa Green actions.

Dedication and commitment to the environment

We care for nature through direct actions, such as litter clean-ups in forests, beaches, wetlands and protected areas. We also organise inspiring awareness-raising talks at our

residences, where experts address relevant issues such as the climate crisis, ocean protection and water scarcity. These talks provide practical tools and advice so that our residents can make a real impact in their daily lives.

And be ready, when you arrive at Resa, we give you a Welcome Pack that includes little tools so that you can start being super eco-friendly from the very first moment you arrive!

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Our solidarity initiatives

We partner with non-profit organisations that are dedicated to promoting equal opportunities through various social projects. These projects range from food and clothing collections, collaboration with

hospitals, cooperation and volunteering initiatives, blood donation, to other solidarity campaigns.

In our residences, we also implement initiatives in collaboration with socially vulnerable groups. These actions are carried out in different cities where Resa is present, and aim to provide support and opportunities to those who are at risk of social exclusion.

And be ready, when you arrive at Resa, we give you a Welcome Pack that includes little tools so that you can start being super eco-friendly from the very first moment you arrive!

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Living at Resa

Studying is important,
but having fun is important too

  • At Resa, we create a welcoming and unique experience through activities that strengthen the bonds between our residents.

Resa Blog

Resa Life: the blog of our residences

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