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Terrassa : 2

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Residence complete

Resa Residence Hall Francesc Giralt i Serrà

On the UPC Campus in Terrassa, self-catering studios, connection to Barcelona.

Double studio from €358.5 a month
Residencia universitaria resa hipatia sala ocio tv 2 Carrussel Cabecera Desk. F.Residencia-830x800
Residence complete

Resa Residence Hall Hipatia

Next to the UPC, studios with kitchen, fast connection to Barcelona.

Double studio from €365 a month
ciudad Terrassa Resa

Enjoy a unique urban experience in Terrassa

Get ready to discover Terrassa! A “great unknown” that has a lot to offer. Although it may not be as famous as other university cities, you’ll find incredible cultural and artistic heritage here, as well as an industrial tradition that will blow your mind. And, best of all, you’re just a short distance from vibrant Barcelona! 


Terrassa is an exciting city and there is always something going on. You’ll never get bored! You will be struck by its popular culture, traditions and festivals. You can enjoy from a Jazz Festival to the most delicious tapas route. And don’t miss the exciting casteller exhibitions! 


You will have years packed with opportunities for your education and your professional future. Are you ready to experience the adventure of living in Terrassa? 

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