University life Pamplona

27 March 2024 5 minutes of reading
University life Pamplona

Why choose university life in Pamplona?

The capital of Navarra is a very good option to start your studies thanks to its university atmosphere, a great academic offer with two important universities plus the charm of a small city.


What is it like to study in Pamplona?

Being a student in Pamplona means having everything at your fingertips: two prestigious universities, good connections with other cities in Spain, cultural offerings and a wide range of gastronomic options.
Every year, more than 17,000 students decide to begin their university adventure in one of the two universities in Pamplona and enjoy a welcoming city with a wide variety of plans for all tastes.


Wide range of educational offerings with an infinite number of careers

In both universities you will find a wide variety of degrees and master’s degrees in different fields, from Health Sciences to Agrifood, Social Sciences and Engineering.

  • University of Navarra: this is a private university with a wide range of university degrees and well located in the city of Pamplona. You will find from the typical degrees such as Law, Nursing, Journalism or Teaching, to combinations of degrees plus diplomas, to obtain in addition to the degree, a special certification.
  • Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA): is the public university of Pamplona and has three campuses located in Pamplona and Tudela: Arrosadía, Salud and Tudela. It offers a wide variety of degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral programs and its own degrees in all branches: Engineering, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences and Arts and Humanities.


What is the accommodation like in the student residences in Pamplona?

When moving to a new city as a student, looking for a rental apartment can be an arduous task. One way to simplify the management of finding university accommodation is to opt for a student residence, as they are more economical, and a safe bet, in addition to simplifying your stay in all aspects.
Not only do you have accommodation, but you will also have included the cleaning of your room, the cafeteria service and the best location next to the universities.
Get to know the advantages of our student hall of residence in Pamplona.



What is the student’s social life and university environment like in this city?


Museums and places of interest

Pamplona is world famous for its Sanfermines, but it has other not so well known points of interest that are worth visiting. It is the perfect size and has all the services you can imagine.
The Casco Viejo is the nerve center of the capital of Navarre, and the Plaza del Castillo, a must. The cathedral, the Paseo del Redín, the Museum of Navarre, the Walls and the Santo Domingo Market are also a must.


The local celebrations and the Sanfermines

The most popular festivities in the whole country are held every year in Pamplona from July 6 to 14. It is true that what is most known about these festivities are the running of the bulls, but they have a program that is full of activities and gastronomy and music also play a very important role.



In addition to San Fermín, there are other festivities typical of Pamplona that are worth mentioning:


  • San Saturnino and San Francisco: Although we believe that the patron saint of the capital of Navarre is San Fermín, the real patron saint is San Saturnino, who celebrates his feast day on November 29. And on December 3, they also celebrate the patron saint of the region, San Francisco.
  • The Descent of the Angel: is a typical tradition of Tudela that is celebrated on Easter Sunday in which a child dressed as an angel, suspended on a rope, is carried on a winch, crossing the Plaza de los Fueros, until it reaches the image of the Virgin.
  • La Javierada: pilgrimage to the Castle of Javier (52 km from Pamplona) in honor of San Francisco de Javier.
  • El Rey de la Faba: the Coronation of the King of the Faba is a tradition that has been celebrated since the 1970s in various towns in Navarre, a few days after Epiphany.
  • The Olentzero and the rite of water at Christmas: if we talk about Christmas traditions, the Olentzero is a traditional character that cannot be missed. He is a mythological charcoal-burner who brings gifts to children on Christmas Day in Navarre and the Basque Country. On the other hand, the rite of the water is typical in the town of Urdiain, where on December 31, the young people of the town collect water from the fountain and offer it to the neighbors in exchange for the aguinaldo.


Pintxos routes

Besides the Sanfermines, Pamplona is also known for its pintxo bars. You can’t miss Café Iruña, a historic bar, located in the Plaza del Castillo and famous for appearing in Ernest Hemingway’s novel Fiesta. Another mythical bar in the Navarrese capital is the Bar Gaucho, which offers some of the best pintxos in the city. You cannot leave the Gaucho without trying one of the most famous pintxos in Pamplona, the grilled foie.



Towns near Pamplona

And there are also many towns and areas around Pamplona that have a lot to offer. One example is the Foz de Lumbier, a nature reserve in the canyon of the Irati River, or the Foz de Arbayún, a canyon carved by the Salazar River in the limestone rock of the Sierra de Leyre. The town of Olite and its fairytale castle are also worth a visit, as well as Ujué and Sangüesa, all very close to Pamplona.


What is the food like in Pamplona?

If there is something important in Navarre, it is food, and in the capital they take it very seriously. Chistorra, the typical sausage, along with pote de navaja, a rather potent stew, are the star dishes of Navarrese gastronomy. And if we talk about desserts, the canutillo, pantxineta and cuajada are the most popular.

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